Our Vision and Mission

For the sake of the prosperity and pleasure of its customers and employees in particular, as well as our country and the mankind in general, MAS has adopted providing the fastest and state of the art service to Turkish stationery sector, and becoming one of the internationally leading companies alongside its leadership at national level, as its goal on the basis of;

Humanitarian and social values,

Economical sustainability,

The concept of continuous development,

Protecting the environment not only as a legal obligation, but also as an ethical responsibility,

Customer satisfaction,

Utilizing the latest technologies,

Modern business culture.

Encompassing the leader stationery products of Turkey and the prestigious brands of the world, MAS is the embodiment of a perception integrated with the vision of continuous development, which has been escalated to an international level, thanks to its qualified managers and personnel, who have been specialized in the stationery sector, and possess individual expertise, and thanks to its contemporary stance required by the modern era.