Your Pleasure is our Sole Target

MAS, with experience of over 40 years, carries on its operation in the world stationery market today, with 10.000 sqm storage, 6.000 sqm production, totally 16.000 sqm indoor facilities based in Turkey and with several production plants abroad.

MAS has always been at service of its business partners, maintaining regularly high stock levels, ensuring continuity of over 3500 items range of products, advanced logistic structure, widespread dealer network, over 200 qualified staff and management team who have outstanding professional backgrounds.

In a line with requirements of the modern age and with consciousness of being a global brand, MAS constantly make great efforts; to develop and create value, to be strong in all circumstances and always look to the future with confidence, to be farsighted, to be open to change itself and be guiding.

Achieving high international standards of research and development investments to design products to make office and home life easier and more comfortable, MAS adopted as a principle to determine the standards of its sector with innovative ideas and products.

Since it was founded, to date, MAS has always considered priceless to obey the ethic rules, to care about humanitarian values and to be attentive its business partners, because, MAS is aware of the basic rule that, one needs to value others to become valuable.

MAS; aiming to achieve flawless production processes, with exports to more than 40 countries and attending regularly every year many trade fairs and exhibitions worldwide, takes remarkable steps to add value on sustainability.