One of our main sources of power, which leads us to success on the path towards our goals, is composed of our employees. Satisfying the needs of our customers at every stage of our services forms the essence of our human resources approach so as to maintain and reinforce our leadership status in our field of operation.

We are proud to work with a qualified labor force, who are capable of making use of the state of the art technology, energetic, bestowed with the sense of solidarity, aware of the concepts of customer and service, loyal to their job and company, open to continuous learning and development, finding it a privilege to work in MAS, and also with intellectual leaders and managers managing this labor force.

Maintaining and developing the history and culture of MAS constitutes the main basis of our human resources policy.

  • First of all, we would like to have all our employees working with us be aware and proud of being the members of MAS.
  • We believe that our employees are the invaluable assets of ours, and build our relationships with our colleagues on a solid and durable basis.
  • We adopt the principle of enrolling skillful and successful persons within our body, and assisting them in their development so as to work together for long years.

We believe in the equality of all human beings, and apply this principle also in our business life. Without making any discrimination among our employees in terms of race, gender, and religious differences, we grant everyone equal opportunities of development and promotion.


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